Landscaping Maintenance and Lawn Care Program



We believe that proper maintenance for your turf is one of the beginning elements to keeping a strengthen green living area that is why at JC LANDSCAPING We offer, weekly, bi-weekly, lawn maintenance catered to each space and client’s specific needs. Our Lawn maintenance program includes adjusting the mowing height for the appropriate seasonal conditions, string trimming along shrub bed edges, walkways, curbs, obstructions and foundations . As an added bonus,we also add a special crisp definition finishing touch to your home curb appeal by using a sidewalk edgers.  Call us today to schedule  your lawn care maintenance.


Your turf, trees, shrubs and flowers are in good hands when our highly trained personnel are on your property. Our approach to landscape maintenance is designed to work with nature not against it, to pruning your trees and shrubs in the correct manner at the proper time of year or selecting the right annual flowers to best suit your specific needs. We target our program to your properties unique needs.



A Message To Our Customers It is our mission to provide a full suite of services to our customers and to serve them with our quality, efficient, and personalized work that exceeds our clients' expectations. We believe that going above and beyond the standard is what makes our company successful and that business is built on strong relationships, honesty, integrity and value.
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