As a service to our customers, we provide the following list of plants. The list includes plant names, details, and pictures. If you have registered on our site, you may add plants to your own plant list. This is only a partial list of the many plants that we offer. If you do not see a particular plant that you are interested in, please contact us for more details.

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Blackfoot Daisy

Melampodium leucanthemum

This plant is excellent in masses and containers. It grows well in poor soil and displayS white and yellow daisies.

Cleome Spider Flower


Part of the Athens Select plant collection! This compact thornless annual is perfect for Atlanta summers! Long time favorite in Atlanta gardens. Self-seeds well.

Creeping Zinnia

Sanvitalia procumbens

This annual comes in many different varieties which offer different color and plant size options. This moderate spreading plant works great as an edging plant along sidewalks.

English Primrose

Primula polyantha

This plant blooms in the early spring and provides good seasonal color with assorted bright colored blooms. Works great in mass plantings and containers as well as rock gardens.

Indian Blanket (Fire Wheel)

Gaillardia pulchella

This hardy plant it tolerant of drought and heat. It features dense colonies of brilliant red flowers with yellow rims.

Larkspur (Clustered Bellflower)

Delphinium elatum

This ideal background plant adds vertical interest. In the spring, it blooms flowers that are superb for cutting. Flower color varies depending on variety.

Morning Glory

Convolvulus sp.

This plant is vigorous and easy to grow. It is often used as a specimen, climbing, or color accent planting. It features vibrant blue flowers, and it can train on a trellis or arbor.

Nicotiana (AKA Flowering Tobacco Plant)

Nicotiana alata

This flowering plant gives of a sweet fragrance, and it attracts hummingbirds. This plant is often planted by a porch, deck, or patio. It comes in many different varieties offering an assortment of colors and sizes.

Pink Dainthus

Dianthus sp

This is a great plant for containers as well as mass plantings in a garden bed. It blooms spring to summer with showy pink flowers.

Sweet Alyssum

Lobularia maritima

This is an ideal groundcover or edging plant. And, it is useful as a container plant. It displays tiny white flowers in spring and early summer.

Sweet Pea

Lathyrus odorata

This fragrant annual is ideal on a trellis or arbor with its colorful blooms. Great in fresh or dried arrangements.

Sweet William

Dianthus barbatus

This plant works well in borders and containers. It features showy, fringed blooms in mixed colors.


Viola cornuta

This popular container plant works well in borders or in mass plantings It provides colorful cold season blooms.

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